The Art and Designs of Barclay Moore
Exclusive Furnishings

(I really mean furniture but this sounds more impressive)
PO Box 5176, Tahoe City, California   96145

This is just a bunch of photos to show you some of what I have made. Remember anything is possible and I will tackle almost everything.

I will use only the finest material: hardwoods, metal, glass or stone. Natural good looks, great touch and feel.

The best way for me to see what you like is to come to your home and design with you. This is the part where you get involved to help me produce a piece that you will call your own for the rest of your life.
walunt hall chair with copper inlay
This walnut chair has copper inlay in the back splat.
I will draw a few ideas and then have you pick out what feels right with you. A final drawing may be necessary before I start cutting.

You will receive a piece of 'art' that will be your great grandchildren's when you put it in your will. Quality construction lasts generations.
Mahogany side table with granite feet
            mahogany/granite/copper table        76" x 23".
If given the chance I will hand forge the hardware. Copper is a favorite but I also blacksmith iron in a coal forge. Both metals add a great sense of durability and integrity to the craftmanship of the piece.

American Black Cherry, Black Walnut, Honduras Mahogany, Rock Maple, and White Oak are some of my first choice woods.

The finish I prefer is a wiped on oil/varnish that penetrates and has a nice soft luster with great durability.
The Leonard Nimoy entertainmentcenter
This cherry entertainment wall unit has hand forged copper door pulls.
The mahogany sideboard has hand made copper pulls.
My favorite mahogany sideboard with copper
This table is a bit different. The client named it "Evolution". A bit rough and a bit refined.
Tree table in mahogany and Jeffery pine
This fumed white oak wall unit curves to match the ceiling shape. I did the glass work also. The photo is less than stellar, sorry. It houses World's Fair memorbilia. (Fuming with ammonia gas leaves a wonderful rich in-the-wood brown color.)
A 5 piece fumed white oak, stained glass and wrought iron wall unit
This is a dining lamp of copper, cherry and mica. Yes, it is adjustable in height. The copper is hand hammered and rivoted. It gives off a warm glow that could be almost romantic.
A copper, cherry and mica dining table chandilier
This 7 foot diameter maple table has a birdseye maple top. There is a Lazy Susan built into the surface and gold leaf encircles the edge and the feet. Why was Susan too lazy to walk around the table and who was that lady?
A huge round birdseye veneer table, with gold leaf and Lazy Susan
A winter cherry rocking chair. The cherry comes from the east coast and is my favorite wood because of its natural color and tight pored grain. The winter is at Lake Tahoe in my driveway, also my favorite.
A cherry rocker
This adjustable child's desk set is cherry and made for the sweetest 2 year old ever. (Mateja Lane)
Tiny little furniture for important little people
A valet is used to hold your pants and coat in your bedroom. This has Lake Tahoe rocks as feet and a copper tray for cash or cufflinks, (which is more likely?).

The table lamp is cherry, copper and leaded glass.
A place to hang your pants and jacket      Stained glass, copper and cherry table lamp
This rock maple sofa table has ebony feet. The legs were cut out of 3" stock rather than bent, in case you were wondering. Gretchen's sofa table of maple and ebony
This queen sized 4 post bed is made of Honduras mahogany and has copper details on the posts.
Wright style queen size bed
Fumed white oak can be quite light in color like on the sculpture pedistal cabinet here.
The copper door pull on this cabinet was hand cold forged.
White oak sculpture base and cabinet   
This black cherry chair is meant for dining. A set of 6 were made along with the table. The leather seat is a slip seat.
dining chair in cherry and leather
"Closet-on-a-Stick" (You can order this one, call me).
wall leaning clotes rack, steel and cherry
You can reach me at home in the shop almost any day,or you can e-mail me at Order now as the waiting list isn't too awfully long. Remember quality is slow. Thanks for looking.
More photos, lots more