The Art and Designs of Barclay Moore
Exclusive Furnishings

I have been making custom furniture here in Tahoe for 20 years, and still I haven't made the same thing twice. If you see something you like chances are I will talk you out of that exact design and proceed to make you something unique.

Making all sorts of different objects is what makes this occupation interesting. Lamps, tables, beds, chairs or door knockers are some of the possibilities that I will design and build. These photos represent just some of the varied projects that I have built over the past years.

I discourage clients from having built-in furniture made, as they may move in the future and then who gets my piece? Free standing pieces can be taken with you or given to your children someday. I guarantee my work for life, either yours or mine.

I use time honored construction techniques that will keep the furniture together as long as possible.

Mortise and tenons, dovetails, pegged and wedged joints are what have worked for hundreds of years, so there is no need to reinvent the wheel. These things take time to construct but when it is all over you know, and I know, that it will have been worth it. You just get this good feeling when you live amongst quality objects. Granted they are just inanimate things but they are things with some meaning, some sentimentality, some history, some honor.

My goal in life: "Make nice things for nice people."

Barclay Moore    2006

Woodworking tip:

To be more accurate measure less. Use marked sticks to transfer sizes rather than a tape measure. Marking gauges, depth gauges and story sticks are other ways to eliminate measuring.

saw blade table, walnut, cherry
Saw Blade End Table in Claro Walnut

Saw Blade Table Details

Lynn's Grandfather clock in cherry, copper
Cherry grandfather clock

clock face
Clock face with copper details

writing desk cherry, steel, copper, granite
Writing Desk in cherry, steel, granite and copper

90 inch dia cherry, stone, iron, copper dining table
7.5feet dia. Cherry, stone, iron, copper Dining Table

Victorian White oak and granite
White Oak and Granite Dining Table

Carved claw foot with brass claws

50inch saw mill blade and walnut cabinet
Saw Blade Table/Cabinet in Walnut

Saw Table details

Sideboard, cherry and iron

Sideboard detail of drawer

Sideboard detail

Fumed white oak Sideboard with copper.

Detail of oak buffet.

Copper drawer pull on buffet.

Oak Dining Chair with leather.

Claro Walnut/iron dining table 48 x 96-126"

Walnut table base detail

White oak copper ginkgo dining table 36 x 58"

Oak table ginkgo detail

Oak table base detail

Oak and copper ginkgo dining chair, leather seat, set of 4

Cherry end tables with copper

Cherry sofa table , folded

Sofa table opened

Cherry wine server with marble top, copper and stained glass

Inlaid stone top

Pool table lamp, copper and glass

oak entry hall table

A white oak table, fumed and stained, copper details.

white oak and copper coffee table

drawer pull detail

cherry kitchen chair
Cherry/copper/leather kitchen chair, set of 8.

A mahogany desk lamp
This desk lamp is made of mahogany and has milk glass inserts.

cherry/copper coffee table
A cherry coffee table with copper details

A bar stool in red oak
A bar stool in red oak.

Just-a-Drawer sculpture in wenge and cherry
This is called "Just -a- Drawer"

5 ft dia cherry and iron dining table
5ft dia cherry and iron dining table

detail of iron feet
Hand wrought iron feet

Julie cherry iron wall mirror
J's cherry and wrought iron wall mirror

Loria cherry rocker 10/2005
Cherry Rocking chair.

maple wall unit for books and stereo
Maple wall unit with leaded glass door.

Twin sized canopy beds
These maple beds were made for the Wattel Estate at Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe

The original that was built for Mariam Sodergren, in cherry
A kitchen step stool made of cherry and named the 'Mim Stool'.

A maple stand to put car keys in
This oval maple stand has gold leaf edges and a birdseye maple top.

Cherry and quilted maple jewelry box, for Toni Ann

A cherry jewelry box with a quilted maple lid panel

Cherry folding step stool
Cherry folding step stool

cherry folding stool -folded
Folded stool

White oak wall mirror
Quarter sawn white oak and copper wall mirror

Cherry stools

cherry hall table
Cherry entry hall table

mail table to catch and sort
Cherry mail sorting table

One of a pair of bedside lamps in cherry and rice paper
One of a pair of bedside lamps that is part of a bedroom set in cherry.

Small kitchen dining table in cherry
A Shaker style small cherry dining table.

Joint detail in table
A through wedged mortise and tenon on the above table.

Cherry end table with book port

End table with doors open

walnut sideboard stone top
Walnut Sideboard Stone top, copper details

Stone top detail with copper

A curly maple and copper spoon
A curly maple and copper spoon.

Copper pulls for the Nimoy Cabinet
Hand made copper door pulls.

A cherry and copper entry hall bench

Cherry bench detail
A cherry and copper entry hall bench.

Cherry bed with attached night stands
The Lane's master bed of cherry with night stands attached, (nice bedroom)

Mahogany desk chair
This desk chair is of honduran mahogany.

Cherry coffe table with stone and copper and steel
Cherry coffee table, stone, copper, steel.

stone insert in top
Stone in top of coffee table

coffee table with stone and steel
Foot detail cherry coffee table with iron and stone

Entry bench with storage, maple and iron

Bench with top opened

Cherry and rock floor lamp
A cherry and river rock floor lamp with antique shade.

White oak floor lamp with hand hammered copper shade
White oak and copper floor lamp, one of a pair.
Adjustable height and angle of shade.

7 feet of mahogany, copper sewer pipe, plus 2 head stones
Mahogany table with copper and granite.

Mahogany Sideboard for sister Lynn
Mahogany sideboard with copper pulls.

Jim's reading lamp
Cherry, Copper and Iron Reading Lamp

detail of Copper shade lamp
Copper Shade Lamp Detail

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